Welcome to MBC Interactive, Guy!

Guy helps businesses increase customer satisfaction and retention by improving their customers’ experience with every touchpoint.  As a customer service and marketing expert with over thirty years’ experience, Guy understands how to make every interaction meaningful and successful, whether online, through a call center, in person, via email or postal mail.

Guy’s proven abilities in e-commerce, customer care and inside sales have led to industry-leading levels of customer retention at AT&T, where he led Customer Care and E-Commerce for targeted consumer markets for over ten years.  Since 2005, he’s led customer satisfaction and inside sales turnarounds for local firms in Connecticut in both the manufacturing and service sectors.

Guy holds an MBA – with a concentration in organizational leadership and e-commerce – from the University of Michigan.  He lives in Watertown, Connecticut with his wife, Beth, and their children Alex and Jillian.


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